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Division of Indian and Native American Programs (DINAP) Benefits

Program Description

Indian and Native American (INA) Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Section 166 grantees and the Department of Labor share a vision of providing quality employment and training services to Native American communities that not only meet regulatory requirements, but also are administered in ways that are consistent with the traditional cultural values and beliefs of the people they are designed to serve.

General Program Requirements

For a better understanding of the INA Workforce Investment Act, for general information and assistance, please visit the DINAP Home Page.

Your Next Steps

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Application Process

For more information, see the Program Contact Information below.

Program Contact Information

Regional or Local Office: See the INAP Team Members page for a list of offices.
To access a local directory of Indian and Native American Programs and find a program in your state, visit the DINAP Grantee Directory.