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Utah Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Program Description

Utah Unemployment Insurance provides compensation to persons who are unemployed through no fault of their own and are able and available for and actively seeking work.

General Program Requirements

To be eligible, a person must have worked during the first four of the last five calendar quarters (or the last four calendar quarters) with a minimum of $3200 earned in covered employment, must have earned wages in two or more calendar quarters of the base period, and the total base period wages must be 1.5 times the wages earned in the highest quarter. Separation from most recent employment must be due to reduction in force, discharge not for just cause, or quit for good cause (or not contrary to equity and good conscience). The claimant must meet the definition of being unemployed, not have disqualifying earnings (including accrued vacation or vacation pay), be actively seeking work, and be able and available for full-time work.

Your Next Steps

The following information will lead you to the next steps to apply for this program.

Application Process

File online at, or call 801-526-4400 (Salt Lake metro area), toll-free 1-801-612-0877 (Weber/Davis counties), 801-375-4067 (Utah county), 1-888-848-0688 (balance of state and out of state).

Follow the instructions for the online or interactive voice response filing process and answer all questions completely and truthfully. You will be required to furnish your Social Security number, address, list of all employers during past 18 months, alien ID (if applicable), and Driver's License number (or other valid ID).

Mailing Address:
Utah Dept. of Workforce Services
P.O. Box 45266
140 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84145

Note: Claims are not to be delivered in person.

Program Contact Information

Go to or call the appropriate number listed above.